Hola Todos is a Spanish literacy company currently situated in Lagos, Nigeria. We aid individuals or groups to communicate effectively in the Spanish Language while expanding your knowledge or businesses in spanish speaking territories. We integrate the language content and culture whilst providing first-hand assistance in gaining a Spanish proficiency certification from our partnering institution – ITSalamanca; as well as ample help to business and expansion opportunities which could be relevant to Spanish language speakers globally.

Our team of staff are fully committed and passionate about the need of Spanish literacy in our nation; and our approach has given birth to lots of Testimonies from students, professionals and groups. At Hola Todos, we are proud of our path to success; and for us, as well as our clients, it is beyond the Spanish Language.

Our Vision

Spanish literacy made easy

Mission Statement

Connecting Culture, Class and Business.

Core values

Service, Equity and discipline (SED)


Work experience in Spain.
This is a great choice for people looking to add job experience in their Résumé or advance as a Professional in a field, through working with an Organization in Spain for a minimum of 3 months.

Internship in Spain.
An amazing option for Students and fresh graduates. Internship will not only add value to your Résumé, but will help you decide what career path to pursue, as you work within the period of 2 – 3 months with an Organization in Spain.

Teaching Spanish Language in Africa.
Ideal for Teachers looking to teach Spanish or looking to explore new opportunities teaching in Africa. There are many schools looking to recruit Spanish Language Teachers. It is also valuable for aspiring Spanish Teachers as teaching assistants.

International Certification.
Perfect for Students, Professionals or Groups who want to acquire a Spanish Proficiency Certification without travelling to Spain. We organize exams from our partnered institution and Certificate is mailed via courier to Recipients.

Spanish Cultural Immersion from Savvy Tutors.
Our experienced Tutors are conversant with the Spanish and Hispanic Culture, hence promoting Culture on every topic in the Classroom for our Students.

Travel aid to Spanish Speaking Territories.
Incredible package for Individuals, Organizations or Families who desire to take a trip to Spain, Latin America or the Caribbean, for Business or Pleasure. Our rates are reasonable and your experience will be worthwhile.

Franchise and Business Opportunities with Spanish Companies or Organizations.
Do you want to trade or extend your Services to Spanish Speakers? Let us be your Broker as we know every client is distinctive and deserves satisfaction.

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