Introducing the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Edition for Spanish language acquisition!

We are excited to launch the Long awaited edition of the Spanish language acquisition for our National youth service corp members.

As part of our commitment to nation-building and development, this edition has been specially designed to avail  Nigerian youths, the enormous opportunities in an untapped sector. In the 21st Century, the need for foreign languages has become an unavoidable tool for relevance,  impact,  influence and relationships; the Spanish language is rising above the bars,  making it one of the most sought after and influential language of the world.


Join the network of the fastest growing language communicators in the world.

  1. – Increase your value on the global labour market .

  2. – Instant job placement upon certification.

  3. – Internship / work experience in Spain .

  4. – Become a  certified Spanish Teacher.

  5. – Subsidized tuition especially for you, as well as study materials.

  6. – Advantage on visa applications,  CVs as well as Expatriate Community.

  7. And lots more.

Spoken by over 500 million people in the world,  learning this prevalent language expands your communication reach by a phenomenal percentage. The Spanish language is the second official language of the United States after English language and also an official language of over 20 countries of the world. It is the world’s second language for international communication after the English language and the third most common language on the internet, as well as a United Nations language.


With the rise in demand in the Educational industry, Agricultural industry, Entertainment industry and Hospitality industry just to mention a few; We have answered the call to raise bilinguals who will seize the opportunity to make themselves relevant in the global labour market and in turn contribute significantly to nation building.


As the future of our Nation, We deem it necessary to position our youths for the future by equipping them today. Nigeria is a country with over 200 million people in population; and to be able to compete with other regions in the world, it is expected to look into the future of language acquisition to empower every sector.

There is a high demand for bilinguals across the globe and the choice for Spanish language cannot be compromised.

Hence, this is the time for the youths, to spice up their creativity, enhance their prowess, expand their horizon and  take the future.

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